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If you usually shy away from cooking fish, you aren’t alone! Most Americans don’t meet the American Heart Association’s recommendation to eat two servings of seafood a week. What keeps most Americans away from fish markets is uncertainty about how to prepare it. Since fish cooks faster than other popular meat—like chicken and beef—many home chefs overcook it. Following the 10-Minute Rule is a simple way to master cooking fish to perfection

How to Cook Fish in an Air Fryer

Frying fish at home is easier than ever with an air fryer. You can fry frozen or fresh seafood in an air fryer that tastes like it’s straight from your favorite seafood restaurant’s kitchen. You don’t have to worry about getting minor burns from hot oil splashes or added calories from cooking it in fat. Just follow this guide to learn how to cook fish in your air fryer.

Important Vitamins in Seafood

Seafood plays a large role in the diets of the top 10 healthiest countries. It’s not a coincidence that countries—like Japan, Italy, and Australia—who eat lots of fish and shellfish have longer lifespans and fewer health risks. Seafood is full of nutrients essential that are for good health. It is also low in calories
and saturated fats.

Best Fish for Someone Who Doesn’t Like Fish

Not a fan of that fishy taste? Your stomach might turn thinking about your mom’s unappetizing tuna casserole or a fishy salmon burger. Many people shy away from eating seafood because its distinctive flavor and texture turn them off. You can learn to love it!

Fish is an important part of a healthy diet. That’s why the American Heart Association recommends eating at least two servings of fish per week. Numerous scientific studies suggest that eating fish regularly can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, which has been the leading cause of death in America. Eating fish twice a week can also reduce your risk of mental decline as you age and much more. These are just a few of the reasons why it’s wise to learn to love seafood.

5 Tips to Cooking Seafood at Home

We often think of seafood as a luxury, but there is no better option on a busy night than a seafood dinner. Fish and shellfish cook faster than most meat and require minimal prep time. If you want a healthy meal that’s quick ‘n easy to make, seafood’s a perfect choice.

What stops many home chefs from making seafood is that they don’t know how to prepare it. If that’s you, you can learn everything you need to know here! Follow these five top tips to master the art of cooking seafood. You will wow your family the next time you make fish tacos or shrimp scampi!

Make Healthier Fish Sticks

Fish sticks aren’t just for kids! Baked fish sticks are a light, delicious meal the whole family can enjoy. This recipe for healthy fish sticks with cucumber dill sauce is perfect for a warm New England evening. You can enjoy these fish sticks with a side salad or throw them into tortilla shells on Taco Tuesday.

Americans may be missing out on robust health benefits of fish

What do you do when you want to improve your health? The answer for most Americans is to hit the gym, count calories, or cut down on carbohydrates. Eating more seafood isn’t a standard answer, but it is an easy lifestyle change that can greatly impact your health.

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